Story of Every Bengali Shopper

Meet the most stylish goddess.

Maa Durga.

Wanna know why??

Every year she brings new clothing, vogue, trends, styles, brands, retro, footwear, couture, outfits, dresses, perfume, makeup,lifestyle, glamour, casuals, formals, advertisements, collection, hairstyles, nightwear, swimwear, loungewear……(exhausted, can’t tell any more)

So, let’s know the story of every Bengali Shoppers….

Now there are some people who start their shopping three months earlier and then there are people who shop a week ago.

But, they both shop because পূজো মানেই shopping, shopping মানেই পূজো 👕👖👔👗👙👘👠👡👢👞👟👒🎩🎓👑🎒👑👜

It’s relatives first😁

For those who shop late, their relatives are the first to give them their পূজোর জামা and it feels great to boast of them telling:

এটা আমার মাসি দিয়েছে আর এই jeans টা আমার কাকা দিয়েছে আর এই underwear টাও… 😜😜😜

Deciding the Destination

With so many brands and shopping outlets out there, it has become a difficult choice where to go and often you end up going to the same shop you went last year….

Not to buy what you bought last year…

Last year navy blue color এর jeans কিনেছিলাম, এই বছর একটু light কিছু নেবো.

Last পূজোয়ে অনেক গুলো western হয়ে গেছে, এই বছর শুধু traditional নেবো.

Deciding the Dress😎😎

Now, this is often the hard part, but not for all.

There are people who suffer from indecision and there are people for whom সব কিছু চলবে.

There are people whose demands remain unfulfilled even after buying the entire shop. And then there are people who are demandless.

There are people for whom style পছন্দ হলে size এ হয়ে না আর size এ হলে style পছন্দ হয়ে না

There are people who run after trends and brands and there are people for whom যেখান থেকে হক যেটা হক কিনলেই হলো.

It’s relatives, again😎😎

After you have completed your shopping there comes মাসির saree, মেসোর shirt, দিদির kurti, কাকার punjabi……


Now, these things are optional. New shoes(which you will wear only for those 6 days and then they will rot for rest of the year) new perfume(only because SRK used it for 5 seconds on the TV).

So, guys it’s all for today. Only a few days are left for Durga Puja so everybody is busy with their preparations.

Expect a few more PUJA SPECIAL ARTICLES which will be coming very soon. And do comment below if you liked this one.

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