How to make a HIT HOT Comedy Show??

Helllllo, guys, being a bengali from heart, I can’t resist myself, but remind you that MAA IS JUST AT THE DOORSTEP!!

But, today’s article isn’t related to Durga puja because three of my last articles were all related to that. So, it’s time for something different….

Today, we will talk about what it takes to make a hit and hot comedy show(sarcasm…..sarcasm……sarcasm……)

So, let’s start,

UnFunny People

Now, this is probably the most important step.

Gather some fat people and make fun of their size.

Gather some thin people and again do their body shaming.

Gather some boys who are girls and some girls who are boys and make fun of them.

ছেলেদের শাড়ি পরিয়ে তাদের খিল্লি করো😂😂

মেয়েদের intentional ন্যাকামি করিয়ে তাদেরও খিল্লি করো 😂😂

Making people laugh (only in background)

This feature is there in almost every comedy show around the globe.

The background score always includes some imaginary people who laugh at everything.


They are made to laugh at everything.


Now, in this 21st century, humans are too evolved to crack any vegetarian jokes.

And like this we come down to our last ingredient of a hot comedy show: SEX.

People won’t laugh at a sexist joke, but just chuckle. But, this is enough to motivate a comedy show. Because to them: SEX IS FUN!!

So, guys, once again it’s time to say goodbye. My previous article came 5 days back, so you can understand that I had been quiet busy these days.

But, for the coming 5 days, I promise to deliver you more spicy and fun filled articles which will make you laugh, and not chuckle.

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