In the crowd….

Hello, guys this article is once again a REMINDER THAT MAA ESE GECHEN.

Today is the fifth day of our ten day festival. Yesss, TODAY IS PANCHAMI!!

Today we are going to talk about the soul of the crowd during Durga Puja. And the soul of a crowd are always its people.

So, today we are going to look at the Types of People in the Crowd of Maa.

So, let’s start…..

The Hoppers

These type will never get tired. They hop from pandal to pandal and their only aim is: Minimum time, maximum thakur.

At the end of the day, they need to tell everyone: এই আজ না thirty টা দেখলাম!!

গোলির ঠাকুর থেকে Kumortuli, বাড়ির পূজো থেকে World’s Biggest Durga.

Everything means EVERYTHING!

The Theme Chasers!

These type are a bit choosy. পাড়ার ছোটো খাটো ঠাকুর doesn’t suit them.

Their eyes are in search of something big, something interesting, something popular.

They are run after good themes only. Yes, GOOD themes only!

The Tired ones!!

This is what they say:

আজ না Kashi Bose Lane দেখে Santosh Mitra Square দেখবো তারপর………………. Desopriya……. তারপর DumDum……

This what they do:

After 10 minutes of walking:

আর পারছি না! এবার বাড়ি চল! অনেক ঠাকুর দেখে নিয়েছি!!

So, guys it’s all for today. Expect more and more articles this week. Because, am in mood!!

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