This may seem odd to some of my audience. Because gender discrimination to them has always been against girls and women. Boys or rather men have always been the villain, raping and molesting about.

But, today I am going to break some stereotypes. About what??

Today, I am going to point out how beneath all these Beti Bachao, Beti Badhao, there do lies a modern society where females have the upper hand and how they are MISUSING it.

Take some simple daily life examples.

Local bus.

Buses in India are the most crowded, no matter in which time of the year you travel. There, you have separate seats for Ladies and Gents.

Often I have seen this:

When a man sits on a ladies seat, he as to give it up as soon as a girl stands near it, no matter how tired the man is or how heavy belongings he is carrying.

The other side of the picture:

When a girl sits on a gents seat, it doesn’t really matter if a boy comes and stands there. The girl will ignore him and even the boy won’t say anything because, as I said at the beginning, we are in a society where females have the upper hand.

My Question:

If you want equality, why is it always the boys giving up their seats. They have also bought tickets and we too. Then whyyyyyy????

Boys don’t feel thirsty.

Now, I will tell a very recent experience which I had.

During Durga Puja, outside the mandap of a popular puja committee known as Kashi Bose Lane, the locals were distributing water bottles and prasad.

Now, the prasad was for everyone(thank God, it was).

But, as soon as I went to take a water bottle from them, I got rejected.

A man there was repeating these lines:

সুধু Ladies এগিয়ে আসুন…. সুধু Ladies….. সুধু Ladies…..

I wasn’t angry, rather I was shocked.

My Question:

Aren’t boys humans?? Don’t we feel thirsty?? If you want equality, why is it always the men who have to suppress their thirst??

So, guys after a lot of humorous articles, here’s once again a serious one, because I feel it’s #TimeToThink.

Maybe you will soon get a second part of this if this one gets a good response.

And remember, that I have left all my questions unanswered.

So, it’s your time. Go to the comment box and share your opinions with me and the best opinions might feature in the second part of this.

So, get on because it’s #TimeToThink.

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