School Life Part 10: Toilet के तरिके

In this article, we are going to pay homage to the most visited place in school.

Nothing to guess. Everyone knows it and by the way, it’s very clear from the title.

So , let’s start….

Boys VS Girls


Toilet for them is a place where they can do everything, except their business.

Laugh, jump, scream, beat, be beaten, stand on the bucket to see your friend doing…..

And when the adventures finally end, you realize that you didn’t actually do that for what toilet is meant.

Girl’s …..

Being a boy, I don’t know and even I don’t want what they do inside. But, believe me, whenever I pass by the Girl’s Toilet, I just hear gossips and giggles.

Maybe they too, like the boys, don’t actually do their businesses.

But, till today, I didn’t understand why they always go to the toilet in groups??

And they keep giggling all the way.

Lord of the Toilet

There’s always one guy who is always at the toilet whenever you pay a visit there. And then there are his crime partners or wingmen also.

For every “black business” that goes on at school, they are the ones to talk to.

Toilet Art

This art has been prevalent in schools since centuries.

This art involves drawing on the toilet wall with chalk, crayons to express the artist in you, to express your love for the girl next bench, to express the gangster in you by writing slangs.

So, guys it’s all for today.

You may not get any article till Tuesday. So, read this and comment on it and tell me your favorite Toilet Memories from school.

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