When Modi met Iron Man(of India)

A Brief Intro:


His 597 feet tall statue, making it the tallest statue in the world, has been very recently unveiled at Gujarat in India and has been named as Statue of Unity.

Controversies arose regrading the expenditure of 2525 crores on the building the statue. Politicians and public didn’t leave a chance to criticize BJP and Modi, India’s PM who too is from BJP, blaming them for India’s joblessness and poverty.


Disclaimer: It’s strictly for entertainment purpose.

Modi: Sir, I am from Gujarat and you must be glad to know that I had spent 2525 crores in building your statue, the tallest in the world!!!

Patel: Ooo!! I am also from Gujarat.

Patel: As the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India, I organised relief efforts for refugees fleeing from Punjab and Delhi and worked to restore peace.

Modi: Sir, I, too, in 2016, demonetized 500 and 2000 rupee notes and took away people’s peace by making them stand in looooong ATM queues.


Patel: I wrote to the Governor of Bombay, asking him to reduce the taxes for the year 1928 in face of the calamities. When they refused, I instructed all the farmers of Bardoli taluka to refuse payment of their taxes.

Modi: Sir, I, too, have set up a new tax in 2017 called GST which increased the price of goods and if people refuse to pay it, I simply wash off the money in their bank accounts.


Patel: I supported Gandhi’s Non-cooperation movement threw all my English-style clothes in bonfires. I switched completely to wearing khadi.

Modi: I own hundreds of kurtas, all of them tailored by my favourite darzi in a posh shop on Ahmedabad’s CG Road. I am also crazy about wrist watches and sandals. I always emphasize on good looks, especially on my public appearances.

Patel: The Lok Sabha elections are just round the corner and it maybe time for you to say “goodbye”.

Modi: Don’t you worry about it sir!! A little hampering with the EVMs and everything will be alright!!

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