The Matrimony Mall Part 1

Here’s something very unique and different which I never tried before, or I guess any blogger ever did.

Today we are going to talk about how weird can people be when it comes to BRIDE AND GROOM SHOPPING.

Now you might be abusing me for objectifying and all, but by the time you reach the end of the article, I guess you will be changed.

So, let’s have a look at some of today’s shopper’s demands….

Bring all those who posted on Instagram stuffs like “All Women Don’t Love Money”. I mean, there are women who truly love someone and not by his money, but WHAT IS THIS!!

It’s like saying:

The order I will purchase must not be worth less than 15 lakhs (and that also per annum!!)


My product should be REALLY HANDSOME and preferably should be a Delhi resident .

And till today I didn’t understand why people specify profession while choosing the groom.

বর Doctor হলে যেন কোনোদিন fever হবে না আর police হলে যেন কোনোদিন case খাবে না!! শুধু দেখতে হবে যেন ভালো মানুষ না হয়ে because ওটা হলেই কোনো লাভ নেই.



But in some ways it is good. সত্যিটা জানার আগে at least কিছুক্ষণ তো ভাববে যে আমার বৌ “good looking fair“.


My only question after seeing this was:

Who gives his/her blood group while finding their love😕?😕?😕?

These breed of people don’t judge people on their looks or money. They love only one thing and that’s their BLOOD( they might be vampires, I fear 😱😱😱).


Here’s one perfect example of modernization!!

We have come so long a way to today’s modern world, yet people are stuck with rashi and horoscope and all.

I still never understood this funda of Manglik. They say that whoever is governed by Mars (Mangal) is inaspicious when it comes to marriage.

Did you ever stop to think how would Mars feel when he would come to know about it?


So, guys it’s all for today.

I guess again, sadly, I need to take a break from this because my exams are in the way.

But, you never know ( I, myself, don’t know) when ELECTRON turns up with an article.

So, after reading this one, go to the box below and write down your thoughts on it.

And share it and share it and keep sharing it.

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Published by Sayan Dutta

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2 thoughts on “The Matrimony Mall Part 1

  1. I think it was really nice and I hope that our beloved electron will never give such advertisements…😜😜😜 But I would surely like to give you one suggestion and that is–you are adding too much of contents and thts really good but plz try to elaborate them on the same hand by putting some more efforts such as some funny jokes tht will directly explain your thoughts……

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