The COBRA Sting that EXPOSED Bollywood

What if your favourite Bollywood actor promotes the most corrupted political party?

Hullo friends, after a funny exposure on human character in our last article ( the link’s here ), we are back to expose something again.

This time it’s BIG.

Because this time it’s BOLLYWOOD.

So let’s start……

CobraPost, an Indian non-profit investigative journalism company, conducted an undercover operation on almost 36 well known personalities from the entertainment industry.

Representing a fictitious PR agency and taking on aliases, CobraPost reporters approached playback singers like Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Kailash Kher, Mika Singh, actors like Shakti Kapoor, Sonu Sood, Jackie Shroff, Vivek Oberoi, Sunny Leone, comedians like Rajpal Yadav, Krushna Abhisek, coreographers like Ganesh Acharaya and many more.

They had a simple question:

Would you be willing to promote a political party discreetly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram??

They agreed.

Yes they agreed to do it for a fee which ranged from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh per message. Some even quoted a fee of Rs. 20 crore for an eight-month contract.

Most of them were willing to take the bulk of money in cash, or in a more unveiled way, black money.

The reporters proposed that at least 10%-20% of the money would be white for the sake of contract show, which was being drawn up just to disguise the real nature of the proxie.

And then our Shakti Kapoor sir said this:

Number one mein daalo mat (Don’t pay in number one).

This Shakti Kapoor who hailed demonetization as a historic move and believed that it would swipe away all black money in the country seems to be a staunch follower of his words.πŸ‘πŸ‘

As per the reporter’s proposal,

Celebs would tweak the content on various issues to be provided to them before posting the same on their social media profiles to make it look as their own.
They would defend the government even on controversial issues such as rapes and fatal accidents such as a bridge collapse here and there.


To know more and further about the investigation and interviews visit,

Electron’s Speak: Why it’s not right?

1. Public β‰  Private

If an actor endorses a perfume brand and you end up buying it only to find that the cure is worse than the problem 😜😜, this won’t affect the entire population.

But, since elections are for the mass and the commoner, under the influence of filmy sentiments, makes the corrupted choice, then the whole system goes in dump.

2. Shaking Democracy

It can easily be understood that if someone votes for Modi, just because he has granted Sunny Leone’s husband an overseas citizenship ( as she herself said), it shakes the roots of democracy in our country.

3. Making an Andh Bhakt of you

If actually you get caught in this scam, then you only make yourself a blind follower of only your favorite and not facts.

Happy to inform that there were notable exceptions like Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan who rejected playing with politics.

So, guys it’s all for today.

Comment me your opinions about the issue and share this article as far as possible.

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