ONE Blessing = ONE Vote!!πŸ™πŸ™

Disclaimer: This article is in no way meant to hurt the political sentiments of any individual, living or dead. The names of political figures and parties have been used in good faith. IT’S JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

Today we are going to talk about some of our extraordinary countrymen who did extraordinary things.

So, let’s see…

You must have seen political parties campaigning through posters, banners, speeches, fake propaganda, exaggeration of their own works.

But today, we are going to see an unique way of propagation that may carve a new future for nupitals and netas.

Ashok Singh, a man from Siwan, Patna, designed a wedding card inviting guests to his daughter’s wedding.

Nothing strange, isn’t it??

The card looked like this:

As blessings to my daughter, cast vote in favor of Narendra Modi for national interest in 2019 General Elections.

Picture of a Perfect DADπŸ’› and DESHPREMIπŸ’š!!

And, he is not the only one.

A month back, in Kanpur, a wedding invite looked like this.

Listen to respected Akhilesh ji, select only cycle ( the symbol of SP) .Give your vote to Samajhbadi Party.

And people haven’t only restricted themselves to political figures.

In January 2019, a Gujarati couple designed a wedding card with a dedicated page justifying the NDA Government’s decision to buy Rafale fighter jets.

On the second page of the card, there were several points under the heading “Some Facts about Rafale Deal”.

To know more about it, click here,

And things turned out to be even greater when Narendra Modi himself sent a letter to the couple congratulating and praising their move.

A New Trend??

This, according to me, would only turn out to be a short runner.

Though our country is highly politically driven, promotion of political parties and schemes through wedding cards won’t be much of a hit.

Instead people might prefer to garnish their cards with Bollywood stuff or other entertainment stuff.

And even if political schemes find a place in them, it would be of very non-controversial taste like the Swaach Bharat Abhiyan.

But again after all, I don’t know the future as much as you don’t.

So, guys let’s call it a day for me.

But, of course not for you. You still have so much to do. Isn’t it??

Comment your opinion on this and if you think I missed something in mine’s then do tell that.

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