Here’s how you can save “words and time”?

What if everybody starts referring you by your first name followed by your workplace in order to avoid specifying them separately??

Hullo guys, today we will talk what Triumph of USA Trump of USA did once again to catch the headlines.

Let’s Begin…

The News

US President Donald Trump during a conference last week referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Apple.

At once, there were talks of weather it was intentional or a slip of tongue?

(But I knew it was just like Trump’s other antics to gain headlines)

And then he tweeted this.

And here’s how we got a brilliant way of saving our precious time and words.

The Trump World

Now, let’s how the world would have been if everybody would have saved time and words like this.

Person A: Yaar, the net is too slow. Curse this Mukesh Reliance!!

Person B: My too. Let’s go out and see Badla today. Heard it to be a great movie of Bachchan Bollywood.

Person A: Not a bad idea. ( Person A’s phone starts ringing. He picks it up)

Person A( speaking over phone): Hmm. Hmm.Ok. I will be there. Bye.

Person A(to B now): Sorry yaar. My wife called. She wants to go out for buying a new phone. Any recommendations??

Person B: Tony Oppo recently launched RealMe 3. Can also try Rajeev Nokia’s 4.2.

Person A: Thanks.

So, guys it’s all for today.

Hope you like the article and don’t take any comments seriously. It’s all for entertaining you.

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