School Life Part 12: 5 Thoughts Which You Have Before A New Session 💭💭

Hollo guys, the last School Life came out in December, 2018 and owing to too much content (sarcasm…. sarcasm) I dumped it down for 3 months.

But FINALLY, we are back with the 12th part of School Life!!

Here we look at the ultra awesome moments of our lives in the home called school.

Today, we will talk about exactly what is there in the headline 👆👆.

So, let’s begin…..

1| Class teacher??

This question will at least once stir your mind(unless you are informed that it’s the same human from the last class).

Because the class teacher is probably the only person:

  • Whose face you have to see every morning.
  • Who can appoint creatures called monitors.
  • Who can enforce discipline by through guardian call, note-in-dairy,etc.😨😨

2| Seat??

Just as our netas contest for seats, we too want our places to be favourable (even if that’s a bit চেপে-চুপে).

That’s verryyy essential to ensure that no one can come between your eyes and your crush 😜😜.

3| Monitors??

Now, this is something to really worry about at least for boys like me, who are the easy preys of these creatures.

No matter how silent you show try to show yourself, your name will always end up in that cursed copy( unless you are the teacher’s pet or the monitor’s bff) and the next morning…….😲😲

4| How hard will be the Fun!!

This is a thought which excites every time and suppresses the above three.

Because no matter how much you tell,” না রে ভাই, এই বছর পড়তে হবে (No, brother, this year I have to study)”, deep within you be like:

5| How longer will be the bamboo!!

This is the last thing you need to worry about.(DON’T GO ON THE MEME)

Because you know that you have tackled many bamboos earlier. So, chill ❄❄ and move on!!

But before you do that, don’t forget to comment below if you think I missed something.

And share it dur dur tak.

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