A Conversation With ~ML Aggarwal~

Disclaimer: The conversation is entirely fictional and solely for entertainment purposes.

Electron: So, sir you are undoubtedly one of the most popular teachers of Mathematics. How long have you been writing books??

Aggarwal: I completed 9/2 years as an author four years ago. So, how long have I been writing??

Electron (confused πŸ˜•πŸ˜•): Umm…hmm. 9…2…

Aggarwal: So,let the number of years be x.

Electron: Sir, let’s move on to the next question!!! What has been the response of students and teachers towards your work??

Aggarwal: Teachers have been always cooperative. But, I have got mixed responses from students. Many have said that I give such sums in Exercises type of which aren’t there in Examples and such sums in Examples type of which aren’t there in Exercises.

Electron: People have this conception that intelligent people don’t fall in love. Have you ever?

Aggarwal: Long time back when I was half my son’s present age, I fell in love with a girl in a building vertically opposite to mine’s.

Electron: And then??

Aggarwal: She was the sin, cos , tan of my life but theta went away…

Electron: Theta???

Aggarwal: Yeah, her name was Thiyasa but I used to call her theta.

Electron: Sad that the Man of Mathematics didn’t get his love.

Aggarwal(calling his servant): Locus!! Locus!!

(Servant arrives)

Aggarwal: Bring the Log Table for our guest and serve him tea. And the biscuits should not be of radius more than 5cm.

( Servant arrives with a table with log values on it)

Aggarwal: We always have tea on this. Locus, place my cup on sin 35Β° 22′ and our guest’s on tan 82Β°18′.

Locus(scratching head): 0.51..……Umm …..0.5…..common diff….

Aggarwal (angrily): Fool!! Even our guest knows how to find!!

Electron (in dismay): But….sir….

(Aggarwal hands Electron the cup. Electron stares blankly at the table)

Electron(in a dramatic tone): Sir, may I use your washroom. Emergency!!

Aggarwal: But, the value……

Electron (pleadingly): Afterwards. Please sir..

Aggarwal: Ok. The washroom is 5m diagonally to your left. There are 9 switches outside the door. If the probability of pressing the switch of the light is 5/4, how many switches of light are there?????

Electron( gives a cry of despair): Oh No!!! NO MORE!!

(Electron gets up and flees through the door, screaming)

Aggarwal: Wait!! That’s the door of the balcony. You might fall 5 feet perpendicularly……

(A loud thud is heard)

(Next day. Electron is in hospital)

Let us all pray for Electron.

1 comment=1 pray

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4 thoughts on “A Conversation With ~ML Aggarwal~

  1. It’s awesome bro…….it’s just amazing (and Funny too)πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£


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