#AbSabChowkidar !!!

Remember March 16, 2019 ?

Most probably, NOT!!

Yes, it’s National Vaccination Day in India, of course but who knows about that….

On this day, our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi unleashed “Main Bhi Chowkidar” to counter the opposition’s “Chowkidar Chor hai”. And Twitter saw thousands becoming Chowkidars overnight.

And people also started mocking the PM for turning Citizens into Chowkidars .

But today our ever visionary PM who used email even before it’s introduction has showed us why he’s is the BEST.

After the General Elections 2019 ended on 12 May, 2019, the opposition parties in several states are keeping a round-the-clock vigil on the storage rooms where the voting machines are kept in high security, ahead of the counting of votes in the national election.#RoundTheClockChowkidari

From Congress to SP to all other parties, everybody is on heels outside the EVM storerooms.

  • In Uttar Pradesh, Congress workers sat outside the EVM store rooms in Meerut and Raebareli.
  • In Chandigarh, Congress workers have been sitting outside strongrooms since Monday to ensure there was no movement of voting machines..
  • Congress workers in Assam kept vigil on the road leading to a store room of voting machines in Kamrup.


Rahul ji…😏😏

And now Modi can proudly say:

Kyu, bana diya na Chowkidar??😏😏

Amid all these our PM is calm and quiet and that’s natural if Mamata Banerjee’s words are to be true.


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