Modi Bhakt👽 VS anti-BJP👽

In a planet 10,000 light years away, two aliens👽👽 are discussing the results of the Indian General Elections 2019. One of them is a Modi bhakt and the other is an anti-BJP.

Bhakt Alien: Brother, just see the Modi wave in India on Earth. Even stronger than gravitational waves.😃😃 Simply swept the opposition away.

antiBJP Alien: Hmm. But Southern India is still…….

B A: Dhurr!!! At least we have left something for the poor Pappu.

That bechara’s Rafael didn’t fly, neither with Supreme Court nor with voters.

antiBJP A: The Election Commission was somewhere biased in this election. Gave clean chits to BJP everytime.

B A: Who is biased!! Our brother…..I mean EC. Can never be!!😠

Arre, Modiji has only asked for votes in name of Martyrs. What’s wrong in that??

antiBJP A: At some places, there have been instances of BJP giving money for votes.

Even Mamata Banerjee has accused…..B A: Who!! Didi !!!! Dhurr, most of her life she has spend in white saree and chappals only❕❕ Running and shouting like a white pigeon❕❕Learn from our Modiji how to be stylish.

UNESCO has given him Best PM award just not like that!!

antiBJP A: But that’s fake!!!B A: Nothing is fake!! Don’t you know that anti-Modi is same as anti-India ?!?!?! Our youth icon Tejasvi said that.☺☺

And look at your youth icon- Pappu!! He should better be at Bollywood than Parliament-wood.

antiBJP A: BJP won in Bengal mostly due to the Left’s votes.

B A: But what’s in that!! Don’t you know: Communalsim is the new Communism. Divide and Rule!!


NOW I DON’T WANT ANY MORE OF IT!! REMEMBER, we have the CBI with us. Laga denge piche like Rajeev Kumar.

And don’t you dare forget demonetisation. If you are against Modi, be ready to stand in line again.

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