School Life Part 13: Results and Parents😰😰😰😰……..

Hullo friends, we are a bit late with the School Life series🙄🙄🙄, so Apologies🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ first for that. Today we are gonna talk about two different things with a striking similarity😧😧 which is: দুটোই তোমার সুন্দর জীবনের পেছনে বারি মারার জন্যে যথেষ্ট 😅😅😅 Yes, we are taking about Results and Parents.✔✔✔✔😧😧😧

When you just hear….Part 3

🎉🎉ELECTRON is BACK🎊🎊 with the third part of the article which brings out the the flaw in your ear to brain coordination. So, let’s see today’s un-understood songs…… 1. Murshida This song from Begum Jaan was probably one of the strongest songs ever made. But Murshida……??? Murshid means a teacher, spiritual leader, or a religiousContinue reading “When you just hear….Part 3”

Clean Talks and TRAPPED!!

Helloo everyone, Electron has brought a topic today which has been a top talk since the last couple of days. Today we are going to talk about how two emerging, young cricketers got carried away and landed in a controversy cage when they went to a senseless talk show named Koffee with Karan( even theContinue reading “Clean Talks and TRAPPED!!”

Today’s Generation LOVES Egg🐣🍳. Here’s Why.

Hello everyone, this article will be quick and short so that you can think and laugh (or at least wonder) after reading it. Today as I opened the morning newspaper and turned to the Trends section, my eyes caught this: And here’s a pic of the STAR🌟🌟: Simple. Shiny. Bold. Sexy. Or is it?? ThisContinue reading “Today’s Generation LOVES Egg🐣🍳. Here’s Why.”

When you just hear …. Part 2

If you have remembered or not, the first part of this series came out on 1st October, 2018. In this series, When you just hear…., we talk about such songs which you listen passionately without even knowing what it means. So, let’s start….. 1. Jaan’ Nisaar This melodious song by Arijit Singh struck a chordContinue reading “When you just hear …. Part 2”