School Life Part 13: Results and Parents😰😰😰😰……..

Hullo friends, we are a bit late with the School Life series🙄🙄🙄, so Apologies🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ first for that. Today we are gonna talk about two different things with a striking similarity😧😧 which is: দুটোই তোমার সুন্দর জীবনের পেছনে বারি মারার জন্যে যথেষ্ট 😅😅😅 Yes, we are taking about Results and Parents.✔✔✔✔😧😧😧

Modi Bhakt👽 VS anti-BJP👽

antiBJP alien: Mamata Banerjee has accused BJP of giving money for votes…… Bhakt Alien: Who!! Didi!! Half of her life she has spend in white saree and chappals itself! Running and shouting like white pigeon!!! WITNESS A FIERY EXCHANGE OF WORDS AND LOGIC BEWEEN A Modi-bhakt Alien and an anti-BJP alien AS THEY START TALKING ABOUT THE ELECTIONS RESULTS AND END…………

|•|A Conversation with the Prime Minister |•|

PM: You see, I didn’t actually mean an email. Emails were so hectic even then (in 1988). I actually used WhatsApp to send the pictures……… After PM Narendra Modi’s “email claim” and “radar remarks”, Electron decides to have a talk with this “ahead of his time” man to find the credibility of his statement. Check out what he finds.

School Life Part 11: Our Democratic School /Part 1

Hello everyone, here’s the 11th of School Life, a series where we talk about the vibes and swag of our SCHOOLs. Today, we are going to talk about how our schools, following examples of India, USA, Italy, etc., have constructed a democratic government within themselves👏👏….. So, let’s start.. I don’t know much about other schoolsContinue reading “School Life Part 11: Our Democratic School /Part 1”

When Modi met Iron Man(of India)

A Brief Intro: SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL IS KNOWN AS THE IRON MAN OF INDIA. His 597 feet tall statue, making it the tallest statue in the world, has been very recently unveiled at Gujarat in India and has been named as Statue of Unity. Controversies arose regrading the expenditure of 2525 crores on the buildingContinue reading “When Modi met Iron Man(of India)”

School Life Part 10: Toilet के तरिके

In this article, we are going to pay homage to the most visited place in school. Nothing to guess. Everyone knows it and by the way, it’s very clear from the title. So , let’s start…. Boys VS Girls Boys….. Toilet for them is a place where they can do everything, except their business. Laugh,Continue reading “School Life Part 10: Toilet के तरिके”

School Life Part 9: Class Vibes||When YOU forget😨😨…

This is gonna be a very relatable one, if you are or were a student and ever forgot to bring any book or anything else which your teacher, once upon a century had told you to bring. So, just like the last time, let’s start….. Electron forgets to bring a book and decides to keepContinue reading “School Life Part 9: Class Vibes||When YOU forget😨😨…”


This may seem odd to some of my audience. Because gender discrimination to them has always been against girls and women. Boys or rather men have always been the villain, raping and molesting about. But, today I am going to break some stereotypes. About what?? Today, I am going to point out how beneath allContinue reading “Why NOT BOYS!!!”

Kolkata Vibes#4||Clicking before Seeing📸📸📸

Today, we will talk about pandal-wide phenomenon that has caused trouble under the nose of police volunteers. And it is…… Clicking Pictures With almost everyone armed with a smartphone, there are a few exceptions who do not capture Maa and of course themselves in the frames. But, the problem is if everybody raises their armsContinue reading “Kolkata Vibes#4||Clicking before Seeing📸📸📸”

School Life Part 7: Morning Assembly

No day in school is complete without the morning assembly where you poke your friend from behind, keep commenting on the principal’s speech and make fun of any mistake made in the pledge. So, read on and relish those moments…… Summer Days!! 😵😵😵 Sweat like pigs and stand like morons. The hot summer days whenContinue reading “School Life Part 7: Morning Assembly”

Much ado about everything

This article is about another thing that Homo Sapiens love to do, which isn’t much understandable from the title. It is a thing which you, me and every other human has done one of them at least once in life and that is nosing or “finicking” or back stabbing. So, let’s start…. Nosing We, simplyContinue reading “Much ado about everything”

When you just hear….

Hello everyone, today I am again going to burst a few truths, which you of course won’t admit saying, কে বলেছে আমি জানতাম না, তুই জানতিস না, তোর বাবা জানত না, Electron কোথাকারে, ভাগ এখান থেকে😤😤😤😤 Today, I am going to unveil how we just hear without understanding. So, let’s begin… Channa Mereya This isContinue reading “When you just hear….”

School Life Part 8: Why you shouldn’t be the TOPPER??

This is a must read for every school student who has heard remarks like these: দেখ মেয়েটা কতো পড়ে, এই জন্যই ও topper আর তুই……. ওরা কি করে এতো ভালো marks পায়ে আর তুই… Today, we will talk about exactly what is written in the title👆👆👆👆 So, let’s start without hesitating… I would start withContinue reading “School Life Part 8: Why you shouldn’t be the TOPPER??”