Much ado about everything

This article is about another thing that Homo Sapiens love to do, which isn’t much understandable from the title.

It is a thing which you, me and every other human has done one of them at least once in life and that is nosing or “finicking” or back stabbing.

So, let’s start….


We, simply can’t live without complaining about other’s life.

What he is wearing, what he is eating, what he is doing……The Almighty has given us the pious duty of nosing in every matter.


And some breeds of humans are so finicky that even if you bring them the things, better than what the others have, in the room they will surely peep into the next person and complain:

Hmmm…hmmm…His perfume is a little stronger than my one(even though he preferred light perfumes)

Hmm…hmm…His coffee cup is a little more rounded, I guess.

Behind the Back

This negative trait has been there in Homo Sapiens since the last billions of years.

Talk sweet things about the person in front of him and stab him hard when he turns around.

And we humans, too, love back stabbers.

If someone is telling something bad about anyone behind his back and in front of you( i.e, to you) the listener really enjoys it, because he feels himself to be more important than the person who is being back stabbed.

He fails to understand that the same person, the next minute, can talk bad about him too behind his back.

So,it’s all for today. This article was kind of truth in a humorous way. If you are reading it, then you are requested not to try back stabbing at home, school or anywhere else.

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When you just hear….

Hello everyone, today I am again going to burst a few truths, which you of course won’t admit saying,

কে বলেছে আমি জানতাম না, তুই জানতিস না, তোর বাবা জানত না, Electron কোথাকারে, ভাগ এখান থেকে😤😤😤😤

Today, I am going to unveil how we just hear without understanding.

So, let’s begin…

Channa Mereya

Singer: Arijit Singh Music: Pritam

This is probably the most emotional song I have heard, but wait. Did you ever wonder what’s the meaning of Channa Mereya??😕😕😕 I know you didn’t.

It means The Light of my Soul.

I am sure you never even tried to know what it means. That’s the Arijit Singh factor.


Who doesn’t love this song??

But, did you stop to wonder what subhanallah means.

It is often translated as “glory be to Allah” but that’s actually not a very good translation.

The root of the word سبحان is سبح, which means “to swim on the surface.” So subhan actually means that Allah floats above the incorrect statements that people make about Allah.

Mere Rashke Qamar

It isn’t much of a surprise that this song is there in the list because 98% people don’t know the meaning of those three words, even though Google is flooding with it’s meaning or rather, meanings.

This word has been developed by using two words Rashk and Qamar from Persian and Arabic respectively. Rashk means envy and qamar means moon, thus the meaning of “Rashk e qamar” is “the envy of the moon”. This word can be used to symbolise some one who is so beautiful that even moon is envious of her beauty.

Bet, you didn’t know..😏😏😏


This “makes you go crazy” song from Padmavat will make you tap your foot. But, did you even once tap your mind to know what it means??

If you translate this Arabic word to English, it can have many meanings like:



This rock song from ADHM aspires the rockstar in you but never stirs the child in you to know the meaning of Bulleya.

“Bulleya” is short name of famous sufi fakeer (saint) & poet “Bulle Shah”
Wherever he mentioned “bulleya” means he is explaining something to himself.

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School Life Part 8: Why you shouldn’t be the TOPPER??

This is a must read for every school student who has heard remarks like these:

দেখ মেয়েটা কতো পড়ে, এই জন্যই ও topper আর তুই…….

ওরা কি করে এতো ভালো marks পায়ে আর তুই…

Today, we will talk about exactly what is written in the title👆👆👆👆

So, let’s start without hesitating…

I would start with a simple question.

What’s the benefit of being the topper??

You might say,

  • Everybody will admire you.
  • Parents will become happy
  • Sets a strong foundation for future.

Let’s come to the first point.

They are many other things for which people can admire you.

  • Be good at a particular subject.
  • Be good at some sports.
  • Be good at singing, dancing, or acting.
  • Be like me(just kidding😝😝😝)

And remember this well:


Now, let’s come to the second point.

Mummy- Daddy. The big factors.

They hear from somewhere that their relative’s or colleague’s son has topped the class and for at least once, I assure, it strikes them,

আমার ছেলেটা যদি এরকম হতো..

And their urge becomes stronger when they come home and see you like these:

So, it’s not their fault. Everybody has some desire only they should be careful not to make it a burden for their child.

And remember this well:

You are living life for yourself. Not for your parents or that damn relative’s son who has topped.

Now, the third point.

Future Foundation. Trust me, there are probably lakhs of toppers who are jobless.

And being a TOPPER doesn’t mean he really has the knowledge. Some toppers are so just by MUGGING UP.

And Bill Gates, Zuckerbug, Bezos, Sir Kalam, weren’t school toppers but WORLD TOPPERS. Even who gave birth to them also weren’t toppers(99% chance).

So, guys it’s all for today. I didn’t intend to insult any TOPPER who is reading this. You are good in your own way.

If you agree with me, then do comment and share.

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The EFFECT OF GOD License Part 2

Here’s a surprise because I too didn’t think of making the second part of EFFECT OF GOD LICENSE. If you haven’t read the first one, then go on,

Here we talk about the pros of being a GOD.

So, let’s start once again….

Shiva, the all powerful.

This man, as far as my knowledge goes(which doesn’t go much far) was a drunker and a smoker too, I guess.

মদ, গাঁজা, he used to take almost everything.

And today he has become a personification for smokers and drunkers!!😂😂😂

But why didn’t anyone say anything to him??

Brother, if our mothers discover, leave cigarettes, even if they get the smell of cigarette in our T-shirt(which actually your best friend was smoking), they will😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨😈😨

And as I always say,


Now, let’s again come back to the Romeo of Hindu mythology.

Krishna daa…


And what we consider it to be:

Prank, Mischief, Cuteness…😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

Let’s do a dare.

Next morning, if you see any girl bathing in the পাড়ার পুকুর, go and snatch her clothes and see what happens.

পাড়ার লেকেরা যদি মেরে পোঁদে Krishna র বাঁশি না ঢুকিয়ে দেয়, তাহলে আমার নাম বদলে Proton করে দিয়ো!!


So, guys it’s all for today. I here and now declare that this will be the last and final part of EFFECT OF GOD License.

If you liked it then please share it and comment below. And again as I said last time,

I am not an atheist!!

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The EFFECT OF GOD License….🙏🙏🙏

Disclaimer: This doesn’t intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments.

This isn’t any imaginative essay. So, read on to find out.

This article is about the pros of being a GOD.

So, let’s begin…

Let’s, start with the most romantic God of Hindu mythology.

Krishna daaaaa!!!

This hero used to roam about with packs of girls on both sides.

Anybody doing it these days would be victim of these types of comments:

দেখ, দেখ মালটার কতোগুলো girlfriend 😎😎😎

শালা, পুরো playboy. ধরে মারতে ইচছা করে!!!

(Aunties) ইসসসস… আজকালকার ছেলেপুলেদের লজ্জা বলে কিছু নেই 😵😵😵 আমাদের সময় ছেলেরা খালি গায়ে bathroom থেকেই বেরোতো না 😕😕😕😕😕

But, that same aunties will tell you about Krishna flirting with his sakhis.

The EFFECT OF GOD License!!

Whatever and wherever I have heard of Krishna, it always had a love story with Krishna dating Radha.

These days, if you are caught dating a girl, believe me, everyone would act as if Osama Bin Laden has come back from the dead….


And, I guess Krishna married twice.

Nothing to tell.

Flirted with a dozen girls!!

Made love with only one Girl!!

And finally ended up marrying two girls!!

Try it these days and I believe you won’t be alive to comment below.

Jokes apart. If you liked it, please comment and share. And finally


DeCoDiNg Reality Shows

Disclaimer: This is just for entertainment purpose.

Recently in my article Yeh Dil Maange More… we talked about one of Bengali’s favourite things puchka. In this article, I am gonna decode another Bangali fav- BENGALI REALITY SHOWS.

So, let’s start…

আপনার ঠাকুমা, মা বা দিদা কেউ যদি evening বা রাত হতেই দিদি No. 1, Dance Bangla Dance, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa র মতো জিনিস দেখার জন্য remote কে kidnap করে নিয়ে TV খুলে বসে যায়ে তাহলে this article is for you.

1. ন্যাকামি level: Infinite

Take for example, Dance Bangla Dance Junior.

They will always arrange for some পোদপাকা kids who will come up on stage and make fun of themselves and others.

Believe me, these kids later curse themselves for what they are made to do.

And the judges will leave no stone unturned to do some unbearable ন্যাকামি .

ও তোমাকে না খুব মিষ্টি লাগছে😘😘

আমি তো ভাবতেই পারিনি তুমি এত সুন্দর করে করবে 😘😘😍😘😍😘

2. Hot Judges

Let’s take a test. You have four choices as given below:

Shantanu Moitra of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Monali Thakur of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Shrabanti Chakrobarty of Dance Bangla Dance
Jishu Sengupta of Dance Bangla Dance

Now, you can choose any two of the above. Quick, you have got only 10 seconds.

যতই যে যা বলুক ভাই Men will be Men, চোখ👀 দুটো ঠিক Shrabanti আর Monali র দিকেই যাবে😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

The camera isn’t an exception either(or rather the cameraman).

Even if these beautys scratch their head, the camera will focus on them.

And believe me, in Dance Bangla Dance, the camera focuses more on Shrabanti than on the participant dancing on stage.

3. সবই Scripted

This is actually a veiled truth of those reality shows.


It’s like a film being shown in the form of a show.

And often you see someone coming up with special demands. Don’t worry, that too is scripted!!

So, it’s all for today. If you think I am against Reality Shows, then scroll down and read the disclaimer again.

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Kolkata Vibes#1

Hi, guys this article is sure to be short. It wasn’t preplaned either.

Those of you have visited Shyambazar Tram Depot will definitely know about a Chat Centre just beside it.

Today, I went for puja shopping and for the sake of Bengali’s love for street food, I got attracted to it.

I always had an unconscious fascination for street food and how they cope up with the never ending demands of their customers.

We ordered two plates of papdi chat and by the time it was being made, my eyes went from every nook and corner of the shop, set up under a shade serving almost everything from papdi chat to dahi puchka to ghugni to ….

A sea of people were standing on the pavement, some with expectant faces and others with eyes hooked in screens. Whatever, everyone waited, rather longed, for the same love.

The crowd had housewives, shopping goers, aunties, students, love buds, পিসিমা, ঠাকুমা, কাকা, দাদু, চিনটু, পিন্টু, লোনটে, ফোনটে, ন্যারা,…

It was a great sight how the chaat makers attended to the various wants of their customers and almost magically fulfilled their demands.

I suggest all of you to visit that place, because the SOUL of a Kolkata’s street food lies there.

It’s not possible to explain the beauty and humbleness of that place in words, so do visit the place and after your visit, don’t forget to comment and tell share with Electron, your experience.

School Life Part 6: Jab Mom met Mam (Part 2)

Hi guys, I have kept my promise and as I said, so I did. (Click here if you don’t know what I am taking about )

Here’s the second part of Jab Mom met Mam where we talk about the least awaited day of our school life:


In this article, we shall talk about Types of Parents at PTM.

So, শুভ কাজে দেরি কেনো, let’s start….

1. The Tensed One

There’s a saying: Jitne acche parents, utne harami bacche.

Mostly, the most quiet and good kids have the most tensed parents. They are always scared of any complain against their kids.

2. বাড়িতে তো কিছু করে না..

আপনার ছেলে class এ খুব কথা বলে??

কেনো, বাড়িতে তো কিছু করে না।

আপনার ছেলে class এ মেয়েদের পেছন পেছন ঘোরে!!

কেনো, বাড়িতে তো কিছু করে না।

আপনার ছেলে class এ একদমই পড়ে না!!

কেনো, বাড়িতেও তো এটা করে না!!!

(Teacher faints…)

3. The Question Bank

And then there are some mothers who have a million questions to ask about school, studies, teaching, teachers, their child….

They do their homework from home, and as soon as they enter, the interrogation begins.

Physics এ second term এর paper টা কেমন আসবে??

আপনাদের school এ না পড়ে pass করার কোনো way নেই?? (Just kidding, no parent would ask this)

4. The Defensive Mom

আপনার ছেলে exam এ খুব খারাপ👎 result করেছে!!

না না mam আপনার কোথাও একটা ভুল হচ্ছে। ও সারাদিন ঘরের দরজা বন্ধ করে পড়ে। I suggest আপনি papers গুলো recheck করুন!!

5. The Complain Box

These people are born to complain. School too isn’t an exception for them.

আপনাদের school এ না toilet টা একদম ভালো নয়ে. Tiffin time এ দল দল বাচ্চা একসাথে যায়ে আর line পরে যায়ে. আমার ছেলে তো এক একদিন মাঠের পেছনে গিয়ে…………

(Teacher faints…)

So, it’s all for today. I here and now declare that this is going to be the last and final part of Jab Mom met Mam. Hope you enjoyed both of the parts.

Comment me in which category your mom or dad fall and if you think I have missed something, then do let me know👇👇👇👇👇.

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Yeh Dil Maange More…❤❤❤❤

Confused by the title?? Read on to find out.

Name one thing which Bengalis are obsessed about:

Your time starts now…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Over!!

And the answer is PUCHKA(if you aren’t then also do continue reading).

So let’s start our finger-licking conversation about Banglali’s heart throb…

Demand level: Infinite

দাদা, একটু ঝাল দিন তো!!

দাদা, ছোলা তো পাতেই পরছে না, একটু ছোলা-ঠোলা দিয়ে মাখুন!!

ভাই, একটু ধোনেপাতা দাও!!

দাদা, আমাকে একটু টক-জল বেশি করে দেবেন তো!!

আমাকে চাটনি দিয়ে দাও তো!!

ফাউ চাই!!

They give you six puchkas for ten RUPPESS, yet to supply the “ripe” wants of their customers, they need them one for free.

Classic শালপাতা😍😍

Nothing can match the charm and class of our old and good শালপাতা.

It adds to the flavour a little more love, a little more of the obsession that Bengalis had, have and will have for their favourite snack…

It’s all for today. Electron, personally, is in love with puchka since his birth.

If you too love them, then don’t forget to comment and share this article with all puchka lovers in your gang.

Bye!! Stay healthy!! Keep eating puchkas❤❤💛💛😜😜

School Life Part 5: Jab Mom met Mam

Today, we are going to talk about the least awaited day of our school life:


So let’s enrich ourselves with the vibes of the day…

Parents-Parents Meeting!!

Believe me, this day is more a Parents-Parents Meeting than a Parents-Teacher’s. Your mother is sure to find a long lost sister(who is often your best friend’s mom) and is going to engage in a loooongggg conversation discussing almost everything from your eating habits to your phone addiction.

If you are the topper’s mom…

You are expected to face such questions:

তোমার মেয়ে কার কাছে পড়ে??

ওর কি সব subject এ tuition আছে??

দিনে কতো ঘন্টা পড়ে??

And they might even end up asking what he/she eats in the morning😂😂😂

The Rowdy Gang

You will find them in the backseat in their own world, least bothered about their fate awaiting in the next room.

They try to stay away from their mothers and avoid involvement in typical parently conversation.

So, it’s all for today. Yes, it’s all just for today. Because my upcoming article will be “Jab Mom met Mam Part 2”, where we will talk about “Types of students at PTM”.

So, comment on this one and don’t forget to share it with everyone who were by your side on this least awaited day.

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The “Kill-fie” #electron #awareness #killfie

Today, we are going to talk about a great serial killer who is nowhere, but in your hand.

Yes, you are holding it right now. Go to Camera. Switch to Front Camera and you will see the killer. No, it isn’t you. Electron’s talking about SELFIES.

So, let’s start,

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Where EmOjIs rule😄😇😍😛😵😈🍑🐽…..

Salve!! (Latin of “hello”)

வணக்கம்-!! (Tamil of “hello”)

దూరంగా!! (Telegu of “hello”)

Today we are gonna talk about something which we use daily.

No, it isn’t the toothbrush or your phone.

Quiet clear from the title though, we are gonna talk about our little friends, The Emojis which have become an integral part of our conversations. But, they are far more than just faces..….

So, let’s start…..

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!.

The first emoji was created in 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka.

Observe the following conversations with their emojis.

Emojis actually portray emotions far better than words and that’s why people have stared using them more often. Here’s the proof,

According to Swyft Media, 74 percent of people in the U.S. regularly use stickers, emoticons or emojis in their online communication, sending an average of 96 emojis or stickers.
All this adds up to a total of six billion emoticons or stickers flying around the world every day on mobile messaging apps.

Scientists have discovered that when we look at a smiley face online, the same parts of the brain are activated as when we look at a real human face. And who would know it better than the youth who are a bundle of emotions waiting to be expressed.

Even when Electron talks with his friend online, almost half of the conversation is filled with 😂😂 emojis and many others.

And writing “I am angry” is much less effective than giving a 😡 emoji which ACTUALLY shows how angry you are with the person on other side.

Thus it ends. All for today. If you liked it, don’t forget to comment below and share the link with your friends and family. My last article didn’t do well so I have a little more expectation with this one.

How “Pout”😙 can affect you??

你好 !!(Chinese of “hello”)

こんにちは !!(Japanese of “hello”)

여보세요 !!(Korean of “hello”)

Today’s topic is a quiet funny. You must have understood from the title what am talking about. If you are a girl and thinking that Electron is gender biased, then plz plzzzz do not think so. IT’S JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE.

So, let’s anfangen( German of “start”)…..

Today, we are going to talk about an epidemic( in my last article too I did the same) that has taken a toll over the youth, especially the girls. Almost everybody with a smartphone and a front camera is a victim. This disease is likely to change the course of human evolution and the appearance of humans in the future.

And this disease is POUT.

Common victims: Girls

As per the dictionary, POUT means to push the lower lip forward to show you are annoyed, or to push both lips forward in a sexually attractive way.

But, unfortunately nowadays neither do people pout to show their annoyance nor to attract anyone. They pout just like that, just like thattttttttt…😵😵😵

Since the invention of selfie in 2013, homo sapiens came up with different poses to make themselves look good. One of them is pout. Origin: Unknown

Now, this pose is so frequently used that it may affect the facial geography of humans. And who knows, we may get a separate breed called Homo Poutilus who will have a facial deformity, i.e, a pouted face.

And girls aren’t alone to pout. Boys have joined the league too.

Here’s the legend!!

And whenever I open my social media, I find some viral pic of a CHILD “pouting”.

And nowadays, the equation has become somewhat like this,


So, guys it’s for today. If you liked it, please comment and follow Electron. And don’t forget to share, especially which your “pouty” friends.

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The era of HaShTaGs ####

Bonjour!!(French of “hello”)

Hola!!(Spanish of “hello”)

Hallo!!(German of “hello”)

Today, we are going to talk about a disease, an epidemic that has spread far and wide and almost every individual, with a phone and internet connection, is a victim.

So let’s comienzo(Spanish of “start”)..

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Law vs Society

First let’s resolve the formal, informative part.

In a historic judgment, the Supreme Court (SC) on 6th September, 2018 ruled that consensual adult gay sex is not a crime saying sexual orientation is natural and people have no control over it.
The judgment, by a Constitution bench of the country’s top court, has defanged the British-era Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deemed that gay sex is a punishable offence. Now, it is no longer an offence under Section 377 to engage in consensual gay sex in private.

Celebrations after SC’s verdict

India awoke to a new freedom when this much awaited decision was announced. But, now, the question is WILL THE SOCIETY ACTUALLY CHANGE?? CAN THIS LAW IMPACT THE PERSPECTIVES OF THE PEOPLE??

So, let’s set off to find the answers…

This decision should have been taken 50 years back.





But what about the society?? The law does not bind the PEOPLE to change it’s view.

An individual ,uncomfortable with his/her “birth GENDER”, may still feel uncomfortable to share it with anyone.

A Gay couple may still have to tightly shut all windows, ensuring privacy, before they can kiss or hug each other.

A lesbian couple may still have to face people, murmuring and staring, as they pass the crowd.

Read this story of a girl Urvi, published in Hindustan Times,who is a little different from other girls.

Urvi was in Class 6 when she realised she didn’t identify with the gender assigned to her at birth. But confusion and fear of abuse and humiliation stopped her from telling her mother. She had lost her father early and the only other person she could turn to was her sister. “She was not alright with my gender identity,” says the 21-year-old engineering student, who was a part of the petitions against Section 377 in the Supreme Court.

Thursday brought her cheer. “I called my sister, and she had seen the news, and read articles, and said, ‘I am so happy for you people’; I think she was convinced by my academic achievements,” adds Urvi, who has received two prestigious national science fellowships and used a different name in the petition.

“Section 377 doesn’t let people accept themselves. This judgment I hope will remove stigma from society and help people embrace themselves,” says Urvi. Her parents still don’t know she is a petitioner.

Urvi’s hopes are shared by millions of people belonging to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Central to the Supreme Court’s reading down of Section 377 is the connection between legal decision and social attitudes. But how much does the law drive society? And, what are its limitations?



So, it’s all for today. I know, this article is a little short but making it longer would have tested your patience. Don’t forget to comment if you agree with me and share it with as many people as possible to let them know about this SOCIETY.


This should be the outlook.

School Life Part 4: The fault in our routine

Hi, hello, namaste, Electron today will show you the fault…..the fault behind….. keep reading to know…

As I pack my school bag 🎒🎒everyday in a hurry by looking at a half torn piece of paper which you say Routine, my mind often lets out a cry of disappointment and anger.

আজ আবার Maths 😫😫😫!!

Games class টা কবে যে আসবে 😤😤!!

আবার সেই boring Physics class😣😣!!

Practical weekএ সুধু একবার করে হয় কেনো 😕😕😕😕??

Today, as the title clearly says, Electron will tell you where, whereeee, the blunder is in our school routines.

All work and no play!!

Only a ONE games class in a week and that also of ONLY 35 minutes in which ten minutes is wasted in going and coming and we get a playtime of just 25 minutes.

A playtime of just 25 minutes a week!!

And they say that they encourage sports and want their children to be physically fit, blah, blah, blah.. Comment below if you too want at least 3 games classes a week.

Maths melancholy

I know, I know that it’s important to practise Maths everyday. But having a Maths period everyday is simply INTOLERABLE.

Just like engineering has less value now as all people have started doing the same thing, similarly having a Maths period everyday would do no good but bring down the value and interest of this subject among students.

Only one practical class a week!!

This logic is beyond me.

Practical science activities have huge significance in the learning process. They engage students, helping them to develop important skills, understand the process of scientific investigation and develop a broad understanding of scientific concepts.

Yet, yet they give only one practical class a week. Aware of the fact that students love practical more than theory, they give only one practical class a week.😭😭😭😭

So, guys it’s all for today. Please comment if you think the same as me and want changes in the routine. Share it with your friends and teachers.

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School Life Part 3: Why marks matter…..

Please don’t go blindly by the title because Electron isn’t going to give you ” motivational” speeches on why you should study, blah, blah, blah, blah….

Today, Electron’s going to tell you why a student’s life today is controlled and driven by marks. In my last article, I shared with you guys the “crying crisis” that occurred in our class just before and ,of course, after the revelation of the “never awaited” physics papers.

Today, Electron’s going to unveil why a student’s life today is so much influenced by those “mere figures”…

Lights, Camera, Let’s unveil….

  1. Parental Pressure

কোনো paper বেড়িয়েছে??(in a serious tone)



কতো পেয়েছিস??


কুড়ি number কাকে দিয়ে এসছিস?? (unreasonable question)

Class এ সবাই কম পেয়েছে…

Class এর সবাই কে নিয়ে আমার মাথা ব্যথা নয়…..তোর পেছনে যে এত পয়সা ঢালছি সেই গুলো তো সব জলে যাচ্ছে… আর যতো পারবি সারাদিন phone টা নিয়ে বসে থাকবি….

I find it needless to say anything more about this. As a parent, there are few pleasures greater than their child succeeding at school. However, if they are putting too much pressure on your children to do well academically, it can backfire severely and end up affecting them negatively in a number of different ways.

To know more about this, visit this link

The Effects of Academic Parental Pressure on Kids

2. Competition

Just said but not done.

School 🏫 is a place of learning, not of competing.This devil 😈 called “competition” seeks in from between due to another devil called “Marks Comparison”.

This will make it more clear :

তুই আর ও তো same class এ পড়িস. তাহলে ও তোর থেকে 2 marks বেশি পেলো কি করে. ও তো একটা মানুষ… 😶😶😶😶😶

Any student would find himself dumb at this position.

What is left to say when their own parents have started loving their marks more than them??

3. The System

Source: Instagram

Rightly said.

Marks and money will come with time.

If you judge a student by his “figures”, he will remain a stupid to you for the entire life.


The problem is at the grassroots because our education system gives more value to grades than to knowledge and intelligence. Grades are not a measure of intelligence. This rubbish system is the chief cause of unemployment and student’s suicides.

So, guys it’s all for today. I would like to notify you about something new that I have thought of.

Electron has thought of a plan to interact with you guys. From today, you guys will send me suggestions to write upon. Electron will surely try to attend to them and write on them mentioning your names. So start sending me from today.

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How a slow phone can affect you??

Hi guys, Electron is back with another new article because the last one, “Why the Government denied foreign aid for Kerala??” didn’t do well with only 10 views on it. So, this time Electron has come up with something hatke and new. Something, which you can relate to, well. So, let’s begin…

Does your phone lag a lot??

Does it take ages to open an app?

Do the words come up after you type??

Does it suddenly stops responding??

If you have said yes to all of the above or at least 1, then keep reading and if you have said no then also keep reading because বিপদ বলে আসে না..

Android and IPhones are most vulnerable to lagging. Everyone who has read this or will read this must experienced a situation when the phone suddenly starts lagging. Now, you read the title right. Today, I will tell you how using a lagged phone can affect your health.

1. Frustration

It is one of the most common and deadly effects of using a slow phone. Frustration results in anger, irritability, stress, resentment, depression. You get angry and feel like throwing the phone away. Sometimes, you feel like kicking…..anything……anything which is in front of you.

To know more about frustration, click here

2. Sleep disturbances

Phones are the reason why you stay awake for no reason(or it maybe someone..😏😏😏). A slow phone hurts your sleep even more because it doesn’t open an app or respond when you badly want it to. And we too are addicts. Updates, messages, tweets, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube…..(Electron can give you a million reasons)

3. Ruins the mood

Just imagine.

You are with your friends, having fun. Suddenly you feel like showing them a pic(with your crush). You become the center of attraction and everybody gathers around you with eyes on your phone’s screen. Just as you click on the app, your phone stops responding. You tap and tap but all you see is either a black screen or a paralyzed screen. Your friends start making fun of you and your phone. And, your mood’s spoiled. Frustrated, angry, you just….. just….just….feel like…😖😫😤😠😡😠😤😣😖😫😩😡😡

So guys, it’s all for today. I kept this article short and sweet( you will decide it) because the last one was quiet long and you might not have read it. Don’t forget to comment and one last thing. Electron gives you the problems along with solutions, always.

Click on the links below to find HOW TO HEAL YOUR SLOW PHONE.

Simple Tip To Reduce Lag And Speed Up Android Devices

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Why the Government denied foreign aid for Kerala??

Disclaimer: Whatever has been said or shown is completely the personal view of the author. It is not intended to hurt anybody’s sentiments or opinions. This does not intend to criticise any of the policies of Government or insult any individual.

Hey guys, Electron is back with another new article ,but this time it’s a serioussssss one. Really serious. If you already have predicted what’s going to follow after this from the title then pleaseeeee, please hold your patience for a while and continue to read.

Now if you are thinking, “কেরালায় flood কবে এলো❓❓”then here’s a little piece of information for you (those who know about it please skip this part).

In late July 2018, severe flooding affected Kerala state in India due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. These are Kerala’s worst floods in nearly a century, in which over 373 people died within a fortnight, while at least 280,679 people were evacuated, mainly from Chengannur, Pandanad, Aranmula, Aluva, Chalakudy, Kuttanad, Pandalam and with all 14 districts of the state placed on high alert. As per the Kerala government sources, one-sixth of the total population of Kerala had been directly affected by the floods and related incidents.

For this national disaster, the Centre had announced an immediate release of Rs500 crores after which the amount went up to Rs 600 crores.

More importantly, several foreign governments have pledged support. This includes aid promised by the Gulf countries where more than 2.4 million native Keralites work.

Country Amount (Rs cr)
UAE 700
Qatar 35
Sharjah 4
Maldives 0.35
Total 740
However, India is reportedly sticking to its policy of not accepting disaster aid from foreign countries, instead depending solely on domestic resources.

But whyyyyy??

Kerala finance minister Thomas Isaac even pointed to GOI adding insult to injury when, on Wednesday, he said, “We asked for Rs 2,000 crore, they could give us only Rs 600 crore. So, given that, I don’t know why they should deny some government or individual,” also pointing to the “long relationship” between the UAE and Kerala.

But there is more to it than the optics. Since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh politely but firmly told all potential donors that India would dial them if it needed financial aid, India has done its own rebuilding and rehabilitation work after successive disasters — the 2013 Uttarakhand floods, and the 2014 Kashmir floods immediately spring to mind. That is a big reason, especially as India’s economy grows at a healthy clip and it can afford to reset its own house in order after natural disasters.

But Electron thinks that even if India is building it’s own resources why should we deny help?? Kerala is an educated state and “God’s own country”. It’s famous for its beauty and tourism. So, it’s isn’t a surprise that the world’s reaching out to it in this hour of emergency.

Electron will give you two reasons why the Government denied foreign help. So let’s reveal……

Lights, Camera, Electron answers….

1.নিলে ফেরত দিতে হবে…

Don’t exactly go by what the heading says. The countries who lent out a hand to help won’t ask back for the money. It’s obvious. Let’s explain taking UAE as the example.

UAE, though not officially, but made an offer of 700 crores to flood stricken Kerala. This a hugeeeee amount. Now the point is that when UAE will be in need of help then India might have to return the help by donating twice the money given by UAE. UAE is quiet frequently in war the most recent being the Sinai Insurgency which began in 2018 and is still ongoing.

If you want to know how frequently UAE has been in war then click below,

Suppose a friend of you helps you in an hour of need. So it becomes your duty to return his help even if you have to do something much more then he did. Now, what will happen if you don’t help him and ignore?? The trust and friendship will be broken. Your reputation may go down and to the most there might be a little হাতাহাতি.

But what about an entire nation??

If we refuse to help UAE when they will be war stricken, then might have to face International pressure, Criticism, Media pressure and what not. And it’s impossible for a reputed nation of 132 crore people who flew from these. So… you know what I mean….

2. Criticism is Constant

I have already mentioned that the Indian Government gave only 600 crores as against the State Government’s demand of 2000 crores. So if it accepts foreign help, then Indian media will lose no time to criticise the Government’s “mere” 600 crores without considering the fact that nowhere did the Centre assert that the amount of ₹600 crore already released towards flood relief would be the final amount of disbursal. In response to Kerala’s demands of a ₹2600 crore “special package” for rebuilding the state, the Centre has clarified that its disbursal of ₹600 crore was only “an advance”.

The sum of ₹600 crore, as the Centre has clarified in a notification, was disbursed as an “advance assistance” to help the state in meeting relief and rescue expenditure. It was in addition to Rs 562.45 crore already allocated to Kerala’s State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), in which the Centre contributes 75 percent for general category states. A PIB release added that additional funds would be released from the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) on assessment of the damages by IMCT and decision of the high-level committee.

But already, even on denying the foreign aid, criticism has started pouring from all ends. And this “natural disaster” has turned into a “political disaster” because it’s India.

In an interview to The News Minute, Kerala finance minister Thomas Isaac said: “If the Centre views accepting foreign aid as an issue of dignity, let the Union government give us ₹700 crore. The Centre is neither giving us money, nor allowing anyone else to do it. What kind of attitude is this?”

In an article for The Print, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor wrote, “Given the scale of devastation in Kerala and the lean relief package announced by the Centre (which, currently at Rs 600 crore, is a fraction of what the state government had requested), it seems imperative that the Centre must be open to the idea of accepting foreign aid.”

So even on not accepting the help, the GOI had to face criticism and thus its imperative for the media to criticise the GOI if it has accepted the offer.

So, it’s all for today. It’s , no doubt, my longest article. If you have been bored by it, then am sorry. Actually, I thought to be a little different this time by shifting my emphasis to a national issue. Please comment your opinion on it. And Electron has crossed 550 views on my blog.

Thanks to you because if it weren’t you, then Electron wouldn’t have been here today.

So, please comment and share.


It’s better not to talk about it❗❗

Disclaimer: Whatever has been said or shown is completely the personal view of the author.

Before I get to depth, I know you are perplexed at the title. So, read it till the end to know what it’s all about 😕😕😕…..

You must have heard your parents say these:

তোমাকে এসব জানতে হবে না.

তোমার এসব জানার এখনো বয়স হয়নি

বয়স হলে সব জানতে পারবে

(if any romantic scene💏 comes on 📺) চ্যানেলটি change কর. অন্য কিছু লাগা.

Today, Electron’s going to unveil what do Indians consider to be taboo and whyyyyyyyyyy. So, ao chalee…..

Lights, Camera, Let’s unveil…..

1. Sex Education

Sex ❓❓

ওটা আবার কি❓ বাজারে নতুন এসছে নাকি ❓❓

Nobody knows about sex and India’s population has become 132crores just like that. কিছু না করেই হয়ে গেছে…..

Now the question is that Why Is Sex Still a Taboo among Indians.

Electron will give you reasons :

⭕ Indian parents think that if their child comes to know about it, they would BE DIRTY, DO DIRTY AND THINK DIRTY. They might resort to activities which are DIRTY….DIRTY…..DIRTY…..DIRTY….

⭕ They think that it might distract them from studies and other objectives.

But Dear parents,

Even without knowing it, are people doing very “Clean” things. Everyday when I open the newspaper I find these:

If we do not give them proper sex education then they won’t come to know about “right sex”. Adolescents these days are actually battling deep insecurities, facing challenging social situations with no easy answers, and getting a flood of vulgar, sexist, and misleading information from the media, which is usually their only source of information about how to interact with the world. All of these factors are having a deep effect on our kids, and shaping them into the adults they will be in the future. Here comes the need of proper sex education which must begin at the basic level- HOME.

2. 🚫NO Love 🚫No Romance 🚫No Affair 🚫No Flirting 🚫No Relationship 🚫 No Love Story 🚫 No Girlfriend 🚫No Boyfriend

তুই ওই ছেলেটার সাথে কি করছিলিস❓

ওই মেয়েটার সাথে তোর এতো কি কথা ❓

They won’t allow their daughters to talk to anybody and at the end of the day, they would give her hand to an unknown boy and say, “মা ,ভালো থাকিস”.

What is this ? How can they expect her to be happy with someone whom she has never met?

Now , Electron will give you reasons why is it soooooo:

⭕ They might fall in love with the wrong person ,which is generally the biggest fear.

⭕ They might forget their old temple for their new God.

⭕ Distraction (which is actually true)

Dear parents,

Distraction can come from friends as well so does that mean that a child should not socialise. A child must learn to communicate with and understand both the genders. Parents should understand their children well and respect their choices.

So guys, it’s all for today. This article is probably one of the biggest that I have written. I have not touched many other taboo topics like menstruation because they are not quiet linked well to us and me especially. I won’t beg for any likes and comments this time because all I want is you all to get the message that I have tried to convey through this. So share it with as many people as possible because it’s the need of the hour.


School Life Part 2: Types of Students at a Lecture

Hey guys ❗❗ How are you all ❓❓ This is my third post in 3 days so you can understand that ছেলের কোন কাজ নেই 😎😜😛😝. After reading the title you must have got some idea of it, so let’s staaaart…….(bongguy style)

Lights, Camera, Lectureeeee ❗❗❗❗

1. The “Out of the World”s

This breed is not quiet hard to find. You will find them staring out of the window. You will find them staring at the wall while playing treasure hunt in their nose. You will find them staring at the floor. এদেরকে ধাক্কা মারলে, একটু কেপে গিয়ে বলবে, ” ম্যাম কিছু বললো কি❓❓”

2. The Nose miners

………………..I don’t wanna say anything……………….

3. Sleepers

सुबह हो या रात

सोना ही आखिरी बात।

You will find them dozing off always and making weird sounds from time to time.

4. मुड़ मुड़ के ना देख मुड़ मुड़ के

You will always find them staring at their crush or gf. They sit and stare and stare and sit until they are hypnotized, until they are absolutely drunk with her ghastly 😝😝 face (inspired by the poem “Television” by Roald Dahl).

5. The Question Banks

And then there are some chutiyas who কিছু বুঝুক না বুঝুক 100টা questions করতেই হবে ❗❗ আর questions গুলো তো এরকম হয়ে:

Mam, why did an apple fall on Newton’s head and not a coconut ❓❓

Mam, why are you teaching this chapter today and not any other chapter ❓❓

Mam, is the glass half full or half empty ❓❓😛

Mam, why is Deepika marrying Ranveer and not Varun ❓❓😜

6. The Last Benchers

This is the most common breed and is generally found in the last benches. They consist of the class bullys, class के झोपडी़ वाले, class में पीछे से first आनेवाले, class में लड़की देखने वाले……

7. The Toppers

And finally comes the toppers who will listen attentively to each and every thing.

So, let’s end it here today. The clock says 11: 54pm and Electron’s feeling 😴. Comment below in which category you fall and let me know if you liked it or not. Share it with your friends and tell them to comment too.


Swag of Bengali Mothers 😎😎👩👩

Disclaimer: This content is just for entertainment purpose.

Hey guys, Electron is BACK WITH A BANG!! Before I say anything related to the title, I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. Liberty is a human right and as we step on the August 15 of 2018, let us take the pledge to make Free India free from corruption, proverty, and all the devils that are haunting it. Make every citizen proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind❗❗❗❗

Happy birthday India ❤❤

Name the most worried and concerned species on planet ❓❓

Bengali Mothers ❤❗❤❗❤❗❤❗

They have their own swag of motherhood which makes them hatke.

Lights, Camera, Maaaaaaa 😣😣

1.বাবা, সোনা, মনা, বাছা…..

They will call you a million names and will even end up giving you an unique name every minute❤😍😁😊👩👩

2. Toooo Caring😍❤❤❤


Very caring

Bengali Mothers

The person who cares about you the most is your mother. And Bengali mothers top the list in it.

3. প্রেম ভালোবাসা Banned❗ 🚫❗🚫❗🚫❗🚫❗

They are against making ❤😘love at young age. Electron will give you reasons why is it so:

🚫They think that if their son/daughter falls in love too much, he/she would lose her mind.

🚫Falling in love means they would forget their parents (which believe me, isn’t true) and might take wrong decisions.

🚫They might fall in love with the wrong person.

🚫 (And this one’s the worst) লোকের কি বলবে❓❓

4. গোয়েন্দা মা👣👞👞😈

কোথায় গেছিলিস❓ কেনো গেছিলিস❓ কার সাথে গেছিলিস ❓ They will be intrigued by your every move and will take you in their custody until you tell them all. Alllllllll..

5. Emotional Blackmail

If you ever ignore any of her wishes…

আমার কথা ভাববি কেনো❓আমি কি করেছি তোর জন্যে. তোকে এতো বড় করে আজ এই দিন দেখতে হচেছ❗❗ ঠাকুর আমায় তুলে নাও ❗❗ পাশের বাড়ির বৌদি বলত যে আজকালকার ছেলেপুলেরা মা বাবাদের দেখে না. মনে হচ্ছে ওটাই ঠিক😢😢😢😢😢

So, it’s all for today. The clock⏰ says 11: 25pm and Electron’s eyes are heavy with sleep. So if you liked it please comment below and let me. If your mother has some unique swag in her, you can share that with us in the comment section.

Stay healthy ❗❗ Stay happy😄😃😁

Types of People on METRO!! (It’s time to troll them too)

There isn’t a place left where people haven’t made videos of Indian Buses and its people so Electron thought a little Hatke.

It’s time to troll our Metros!!!!

Lights, Camera and Trolll!!

Types of People you find on Indian METRO rails.

1. Phone Addicts

ঝড় অসুখ কিংবা সলমান খানের বিয়ে হয়ে যাক they simply do not give a fu*k. Thanks there isn’t any conductor in METRO or else they would have to take their eyes off the screen to buy the ticket.

2. Gossip Gangs

আজ রাতে কি রান্না হচ্ছে, পাশের বাড়ির লতা বৌদি এবার পূজোয় কোথায় যাবে, “Saas-Bahu” serial টায়ে মেয়েটির উপর কি মারধর হচ্ছে, সলমান খানের বিয়ে হবে কি হবেনা( No more please, noooo moreee). Every topic must be thoroughly discussed in a ten minute trip.

3. The Couples

Warning: If you are single, please don’t read it. Skip to the next one.

You will always find them holding a pole and looking into each other’s eyes.

“Your eyes are more beautiful then the moon”

(blushes) “Don’t give false compliments”

“No, no. I can spend my entire life looking at them”

(caresses the boy’s hair)” Dhur, dushtu chele”.

4. The Gatekeepers

Even if they have to get off at the last station after boarding at the first station, they will cling to the gates as if they are his lost kids.

5. Game of Seats

Then there’s always a “It’s My Seat” person who can claim the entire metro to be his, leave alone a seat.

So, it’s all for today. If you liked it. please comment and hit the follow button below( PLEASE DO IT). I would love to hear it from you whether you guys liked it or not, so do comment.

And by the way, I know that this one has come up very late. You know, my exams were going and it has ended just today so I didn’t waste a moment to deliver this one. Enjoy and share it !

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School Life Part 1:Kill the Time

School Life was all about filling pages of your copy with tic-tac-toe, beating your friend in hand cricket under the bench. If you were an ardent classroom gamer, then enjoy the article……..

Electron has brought some popular Kill the Time games:


An all time favourite among school buds, tic-tac-toe is a game which will never bore you(at least, it has never bored me). Most times when you play this with your friend, there’s a draw, isn’t it???

2. Hand Cricket

It’s the only “cricket” where you can score 300, 400 or 500 runs with ease, hit boundaries off every ball and score a century in minutes. Only if I could have played cricket like this!!!!! Hand Cricket is a very recent game which has gained popularity over the years because of its quick gameplay and easy rules. Moreover, who doesn’t want to hit his friend for a triple century!!

3. Pen fighting

If you have ever played this one, ELECTRON CAN BET THAT YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE PEN!! This one gains more popularity when kids switch from pencils to pens. Here’s a tip: Always hit at the corners.

4. Tip Top

(Sorry for I didn’t get any picture for it)

Columns filled with names of places(which included bathroom), clothes( again including underwear and even nude was an option!!), food(grossy items mandatory) and what not!! As you go down each column chanting,”Tip, Top,Tip,Top”, your friend always will end up choosing something odd(even if he doesn’t, you will make him).

5. Stone, Paper, Scissor

Nothing much to say about the “The Great Old Man” of School games. School Life is incomplete without this one, isn’t it???

6. Word Game

Though in India, I guess merely 5% students play this one because it requires a little বুদ্ধিn. But it’s quiet an interesting one and of course a good Time Pass.

7. Atlas

A game meant for geography freaks.

Tip: If a you can’t find a name, make up one and your friends won’t even know.

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Indian serials= Headache, Depression,etc.

If you are a Indian and every evening you have to tolerate the oppression, despotism, domination and subjection of a thing called “SERIALS” , then this article is for you. Read it till the end and join us in this fight against “SERIALS”.

The most annoying things about Indian serials:

  • Most people speak, cry, laugh, shout, abuse, পারলে হাগা ও ঘুম টিও they do in their thoughts.
  • They wear their best clothes and go to sleep. They wear lipstick, eyeliner inside their home. Wtf!!
  • অকাজ. If life of men would have been same as that in serials, IT WOULD BE HEAVEN!!! Trust me, I have never seen any man in serial going to office or work. They stay in their homes the entire day and poke their nose in girlish arguments.
  • Reaction! Even if a soft toy falls on the ground, they will react as if America has again dropped a bomb on Hiroshima.
  • Sasuri-Bou/ Sash-Bahu stereotype. The most annoying element in almost every serial is this regular fight between wife and mother-in-law. And if the son marries someone against the wishes of his mother then………..let’s go to the next point
  • Too much fantasy. They crush, squeeze, and transform the original story into a রূপকথা. Use and some bogus effects to make the characters fly over the oceans and mountains and done.
  • COINCIDENCE. একবার না একবার Hero আর Heroin এর ধাক্কা লাগবেই.
  • Marry and Marry. Girls run after the Hero and the Hero ends up marrying all. Done.

I still don’t understand how people keep their patience with serials with the plot being too predictable. I remember that there were two serials named “Rashi” and “Maa”.

My sister turned into a teenager yet the serials didn’t end. Uff!! And nowadays a new trend has entered the industry. Golu Molu Kids!! Bring some healthy, obese kids, and make them tell something পাকা পাকা. And done. Your serial’s HIT!!

So, here I better end it or the girls might end up chasing me with hockey sticks.

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Hate the Heat?? Here’s how to Cool Down.

June. This month is more controversial than any celebrity. You hate it, but you cannot ignore it. Scorching sun, dripping sweat, but wait…

Julian Casablancas said,

“The Best Solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.”

Today, Electron has brought for you a set of #beat_the_heat remedies. They are based on personal experience and experiment and I promise that if you try them you will slowly see the results.

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