What happens when ALL ARE OUT but YOU ARE IN…..😑😑

If you have extremely cooperative, friendly and frank parents 🤣🤣 who prefer not leaving you for Pandal hopping with your friends, then read on….

IS ‘PUBG-mukt-Bharat’ heading towards dictatorship ??

How the PUBG ban implemented in some Indian cities is a incongruous move and only hints to the absolute authority being imposed in our democracy.


This may seem odd to some of my audience. Because gender discrimination to them has always been against girls and women. Boys or rather men have always been the villain, raping and molesting about. But, today I am going to break some stereotypes. About what?? Today, I am going to point out how beneath allContinue reading “Why NOT BOYS!!!”


Remember my article School Life Part 8: Class Vibes// When the Teacher catches you Talking?? This article is going to be like that yet a lot different. Today we are going to see what happens when a fund collector of parar pujo meets a common man. So, let’s start……. Fund man: Dada, we have comeContinue reading “চাঁদাগিরি”

Much ado about everything

This article is about another thing that Homo Sapiens love to do, which isn’t much understandable from the title. It is a thing which you, me and every other human has done one of them at least once in life and that is nosing or “finicking” or back stabbing. So, let’s start…. Nosing We, simplyContinue reading “Much ado about everything”

School Life Part 8: Why you shouldn’t be the TOPPER??

This is a must read for every school student who has heard remarks like these: দেখ মেয়েটা কতো পড়ে, এই জন্যই ও topper আর তুই……. ওরা কি করে এতো ভালো marks পায়ে আর তুই… Today, we will talk about exactly what is written in the title👆👆👆👆 So, let’s start without hesitating… I would start withContinue reading “School Life Part 8: Why you shouldn’t be the TOPPER??”

The EFFECT OF GOD License….🙏🙏🙏

Disclaimer: This doesn’t intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments. This isn’t any imaginative essay. So, read on to find out. This article is about the pros of being a GOD. So, let’s begin… Let’s, start with the most romantic God of Hindu mythology. Krishna daaaaa!!! This hero used to roam about with packs of girlsContinue reading “The EFFECT OF GOD License….🙏🙏🙏”